Jeff Boettner

Jeff Boettner, Lab Manager photo credit: Miranda Loud


Research Interests/About Me

I met Joe Elkinton when I volunteered to work on bird surveys for the Elkinton Lab, while working as an intern with the Manomet Bird Observatory in 1985. In 1986, I came to work for Joe on a gypsy moth project in the Quabbin Resevoir and I never left. Currently, I am the lab manager. My recent work involves traveling to British Columbia to collect and rear Cyzenis albicans, a species-specific tachinid fly, which we are importing  to use to control winter moth outbreaks in New England. I have worked on parasites and diseases of gypsy moth, browntail moth, and winter moth, as well as conservation studies of rare butterflies and moths.  One of my major interests is studying the non-target effects of biological control, in an effort to understand how to improve the safety of future biocontrol releases. I also have a fond love of botflies, especially Cuterebra which parasitize small mammals and rabbits.


Woodworking: Currenty building a second kayak (see pic below).  Also enjoy restoring our 1890’s Victorian house.


University of Michigan-Dearborn 

B.A. in Environmental Studies 1980   Concentration: Biology/Ecology

Director, University of Michigan-Dearborn Community Garden

My motel in British Columbia with 130 buckets rearing 64,000 caterpillars

President, Dearborn Naturalists Association, University of Michigan-Dearborn

President, Outdoor Club, Henry Ford Community College

Crew from 2011 in British Columbia

Publications & Posters

Peer Reviewed Publications

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Brown, S. G., G. H. Boettner and J. E. Yack. 2007. Clicking Caterpillars: Acoustic Aposematism in Antheraea polyphemus and Other Bombycoidea. The Journal of Experimental Biology 210: 993-1005.

Elkinton, J. S.and G. H.  Boettner, 2012. Benefits and harm caused by the introduced generalist tachinid, Compsilura concinnata, in North America. BioControl. 57: 277-288. [PDF]

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Book Chapters and Reports: 

Elkinton, J. S. and G. H. Boettner. 2004  Chapter 2: The Effects of Compsilura concinnata, an Introduced Generalist Tachinid, on Non-target Species in North America: A Cautionary Tale. In: Assessing Host Ranges for  Parasitoids and Predators used for Classical Biological Control: A guide to Best Practice, eds R. G. Van Driesche and R. Reardon. United States Department of Agriculture Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team, Morgantown, West Virginia. FHTET-2004-03.

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Online and Popular Articles:

Boettner, G. H. 2008. An Inconvenient Moth: Winter Moth Invades New England. Massachusetts Butterflies (December 2008).

Boettner, G. H. 2002.   When Biodiversity meets Biocontrol: The Thin Green Line Between Insect Conservation and Insect Control.   Conservation Perspectives: Fall 2002 (the online journal of the New England chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology). Available at:

Kayak I built for my wife (Cynthia)